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Undergraduates Strategize to Improve New Member Retention
New Philanthropy Honors Undergraduate Brother and Family

It has been a productive and fulfilling period for Michigan Alpha. We revamped and improved our community service efforts substantially. Additionally, the chapter has placed a renewed emphasis on brotherhood development and support for brothers who need assistance academically or personally. Under the guidance of an alumni supervisory committee, the brotherhood also modified the undergraduate committee structure to ensure optimal performance of the chapter and maximum alumni involvement. To see a full list of our advisors with contact information, visit

Michigan Alpha recruited a robust fall class of 26 men, and followed up with a four-man winter pledge class. Moving forward, the chapter has decided to recruit a smaller fall pledge class and expand the winter class. The leadership feels that this will increase retention by allowing Michigan Alpha to distribute resources more efficiently, and allow us to make a deeper individual impact on each new member during the pledge education process. This will allow new members to integrate more smoothly into the chapter and give them a larger built-in group of friends who they can grow closer with throughout the pledge process.

Recruitment Chairman Madison O’Neil ’13 is very excited about the two most recent pledge classes, sharing, “We have recruited gentlemen that truly embody the ideals of Phi Kappa Psi, and our pledge educators have done a phenomenal job helping them reach their full potential.” Alumni are encouraged to send recruitment recommendations to Madison at

Philanthropic service has been a major point of emphasis for Michigan Alpha in recent months. Recent projects include: Home for the Holidays Gift Exchange, Freeze the Puck on Cancer, Boys and Girls Club After School Care/Mentorship, and various Kids Without Cancer fundraising events.

Home for the Holidays is Michigan Alpha’s largest philanthropy event of the fall semester. This year the event consisted of brothers and ladies from Kappa Kappa Gamma breaking into groups and shopping for the kids from a local Ypsilanti, Michigan, elementary school. Michigan Alpha also invited children from the Ypsilanti Boys and Girls Club where it volunteers weekly. Since the kids already viewed PKP brothers as role models and mentors, it made the experience even more rewarding.

Freeze the Puck on Cancer was another unique event that Michigan Alpha implemented this year. Michigan Alpha raised about $2,500 for the Kathy A. Janssen Foundation, which was established in the name of the deceased mother of a Michigan Alpha brother. The Foundation’s main goal is to help cancer patients pay for treatment they cannot afford. This was a truly special cause for the brotherhood, and a great way for the chapter to rally support around a common goal while simultaneously supporting a brother going through a tough time. The chapter sees great room for growth of this event moving forward, and is excited to have started a new annual tradition.

Michigan Alpha also made it a priority to continue its relationship with the Boys and Girls club—Phi Kappa Psi’s national philanthropic partner. Once a week, we organized trips to volunteer time at a club in Ypsilanti. Whether it was playing sports and games, helping with homework, or just giving the children someone to talk to, the trips were always a highlight of the brotherhood’s week.

Finally, Michigan Alpha started a club called Kids Without Cancer that raises money for pediatric cancer research. The club has hosted various fundraising events throughout the year, and continues to have more scheduled as the year comes to a close.

Over the year, the chapter advertised a phone number for people to call around campus through social media and word of mouth. It organized three cars with a driver and a navigator to pick up Michigan students and drive them to wherever they wanted in Ann Arbor. A flat rate of $5 was charged going directly to the cause, similar to the way Uber works, and we raised more than $350. On another night, the club hosted an event where 15% of every Pizza House delivery order went straight to Kids Without Cancer. Recently, the chapter hosted a dodgeball tournament that raised around $1,400 for cancer research.

Philanthropy Chairman Quinzel Perry ’12 stated, “These past few months have built tremendous momentum for the chapter’s community service efforts. We are very excited to be supporting so many worthy causes and to have such high participation. Moving forward, we hope to further leverage our prominence on campus and integrate many of our social initiatives by organizing events that benefit multiple causes.”

Max Baker ’13
Chapter President


IFC Recruitment Award
Academic Improvement Award and Summa Cum Laude from the National Office

IFC Campus Involvement Award – Awarded to the Chapter on campus with the most members in leadership positions

IFC Campus Involvement Award – Awarded to the Chapter on campus with the most members in leadership positions

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