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Johnathon Fish ’95
I have a full length documentary film debuting on ESPNU at 9pm on Thursday December 20th. It is part of ESPN Films – Southeastern Conference Storied Series. It is called “Going Big.” The film is a documentary on former University of Kentucky great Sam Bowie. The film covers his entire life from growing up in Lebanon Pennsylvania in Lancaster County, through the Final Four at UK as well as, getting drafted second in the 1984 Draft in front of Michael Jordan. Bowie had multiple injuries throughout his career but overcame them and is a success today. I produced the film along with ESPN reporter Tom Friend. I’ve been at ESPN for over 15 years. I’ve produced features for College GameDay, Outside the Lines ,as well as, SportsCenter. This is my first Film.

Vincent Roldan ’95
My wife Brielle gave birth to our first child, Sebastian, on Dec. 28,

Eric Biegansky ’92
Hello, Phi Psi Brothers! I hope everyone is having a great year. I am still living in the Chicago area (Hinsdale) with my wife Jill, 2 kids (Ryan, 10 and Emma, 8) and our dog Louie. I am currently working at KPMG as a Partner in the Management Consulting practice. A group of us Phi Psi’s got together for the UM-ND game last September to cheer on our Wolverines to victory in the inaugural Big House night game. It was awesome to hang out with Brothers Phil Kain ’90, Apoorva Vashi ’90, Paul Kallaur ’92, Dave Peterson ’90, Frank Depodesta ’92, Dave Hooper ’90, Pete Han ’90, Tyler Heaven ’90 and Bill Murdock ’90. “Live Ever Die Never”

Mark Detsky ’97
Mark Detsky news: my wife Kati and I welcomed our first child to our little planet on March 19, 2012. Miles Russell Detsky is doing well. We live in Boulder, Colorado. I work as an attorney in the areas of energy and water. Kati is the band director at a local high school. We love Colorado as we are active skiers, rafters, bikers and campers. We’ve also traveled the world, most recently to Vietnam and Japan last year. We don’t back to Michigan nearly enough, but I hope all the brothers are doing great.

Richard Mas ’95
Hi Guys, I am finally bakc in the US of A after leaving from Michigan, big change I actually have to be responsible for a change. Anyways I have relocated just outside of Charlotte NC ina small town called Weddington, ifany of you are in the area please let me know so I can plan something, hope everyone is doing well and God Bless the Phi Psis.

Dave Frayne ’93
It’s a small Phi Psi world: Saturday Oct 4, 2008, Michigan versus Illinois at the Big House. Old Phi Psi roommate, Kevin Banks ’89 and his wife, Mia, are visiting from St. Louis for the weekend. We purchased an extra pair of game tickets for Kevin via Phi Psi Tom Wilk ’85. While tailgating at the UM Golf Course, we run into a group of Phi Psi’s: Ian Swain ’91, Doug Cloutier ’91, Kurt Kowalski ’91 and their respective spouses. (I enjoy crossing paths unexpectantly with Bro Swain in Ann Arbor at least once each football season!) While at the game, Kevin & I flag down Rick Fanning ’89 who is sitting in our same section. (I also saw Kurt Flosky ’88 from a distance, but was unable to get his attention). Although Michigan got beat by the Fighting Illini, it was great to re-connect with old Phi Psi friends on campus! Mike’s home phone is (503) 973-5633.

Douglas Cloutier ’94
Just reading through the updates and figured I would add one.
I am living outside of Detroit with my wife, Laura, and two kids; Brendan 7, and Meghan 3. I work at Adecco Engineering & Technical, a worldwide technical staffing firm, as a Regional Operataions Manager. This summer we attended Ian Swain’s wedding (for those of you that knew Ian, you can now pick yourself up off the floor)… In attendance were Josh Flynn, John McAdow, Josh Nardo, Kurt Kowalski, Chris Souter, and Tim Berglund. Still going to all the football games, although this year was a little rough. Feel free to look me up if you are in town. Work in Troy, live in Wixom.

Mark Bogulavsky ’97
I am now in a graduate program at NYU where I?m studying occupational therapy. This is a rehabilitation profession focused on improving people?s ability to function independently in their activities of daily living. The plan for me is to combine this with my background in industrial design to develop assistive technology and devices. Last month I met up with Robert Stern ?96, in Manhattan and had dinner. I probably hadn?t seen him in a few years. I?ve heard great news about the work done by housing corp. and the undergraduates. The website looks great! Congratulations.

Russel Potterfield ’96
I was getting ice cream with my wife the other night, and realized that I’m ten years older than the undergraduates that were running around. Made me feel old, and that made me want to reconnect with my old friends. Life’s fine here in Columbia, MO. My wife April is working as an Associate Professor of Biology at Westminster college, I’m working at a small modern manufacturing firm called Battenfeld Technologies, and our evenings are pretty much ruled by our toddler son, Benjamin. Work’s good and thoroughly demanding – just what it should be at this spot on the career curve – and our little business is doing well. I stepped out of the career mode for a couple of years to get an MBA at Michigan a couple of years ago, and that’s decision has been handsomely repaid. Highly recommended for anyone that wants to get ahead, or effectively erase four years of partying from their resume. (A note for anyone that wants to go back but isn’t sure they’d get in – Michigan’s MBA program doesn’t check Ann Arbor’s criminal records when you apply…) Our son Benjamin was born in December of 2003. I have convinced myself that Benjamin will be a hit with the ladies, and am trying to figure out how to teach him everything I know now that I didn’t know then without my wife finding out. He’s already quick with a smile and loves flirting with older (much older) women – I figure that’s a pretty good start.

James “Chad” Hauff ’95
Just got married to Jill K. Brunt on 8/17/02 in Ann Arbor, MI. Now living in Boston. Brothers Matt Zweig and Robert Stern were part of the wedding party. Brother Robert Stern is getting married October 20th in Massachusetts, to Alyssa Gilbert. They have recently moved to Sommerville, MA. Brother Matthew Zweig recently became engaged to Rene Sell. They reside in NYC. No date is set that I know about.

Jaoshua Nardo ’94
I recently married Vicki Adams. The ceremony and reception were in Hinsdale, Ill., near Chicago. In attendance were Michigan Alpha Brothers John McAdow ?94, Gary Smith ?94, Ian Swain ?94 and Doug Cloutier ?94. Vicki and I still reside in Chicago. Please stop by when in the city. All are welcome.

Andrew Fang ’92
Robbie and I are happy to announce the birth of our son, Ryan Andrew, born May 17, 2003. We continue to live and work in the Bay area. Give us a call if you are in the area.

Micahel Agosti ’93
Brothers, I have the honor to introduce you to the new additions to the Agosti family: – Andrew Gustave ? born 6 August at 7:56 AM: 4 lbs. 15 oz. & 18 in. long; – Elena Mae ? born at 7:58 AM: 5 lbs. 9 oz. & 18.5 in. long. (We did not know the sexes going into delivery; what a great surprise!) Babies & mom are doing very well after their cesarean section (thanks to both babies being breach). I am almost 3 weeks into my 4 week paternity leave & can’t believe how well it is going…so far… Hope all is well with all of you! Cheers, Mike…

James Rossow ’91
Michelle and I moved back to Detroit after 11 years in California to bring our son closer to the family. Missing the good weather, but not the smog or the traffic. Take me out to welcome me back. Sometimes I even buy the drinks. We’re in Southfield temporarily. 818-298-9746

David Malak ’00
It was good to see some familiar names in the update section. I am still in Louisville, KY working as a Channel Sales Engineer for Rockwell Automation while I finish my MBA at a small private university called Bellarmine here in town. I don’t have much to update, but I may be looking at a move in the coming months as I finish my degree. Keep up the updates! High! High! High!

Tyler Krone ’09
I am working as an Aerospace Engineer for Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson. I came back for the MSU game this year, and had a great time catching up with my pledge class, as well as meeting some of the younger brothers in my lineage. Powers, Michael Posted: 12/14/2006 9:04:45 PM. Mike was awarded the Ruddick C. Lawrence Award for Public Service. This is a $2,500 National Phi Psi award.

No updates received yet.

David Murray ’71
Book about Garvie Craw et al Garvin Craw Pledge class of 1967. Below is a link to an obituary for Garvie Craw a famous Phi Psi, U of M alum , close friend and pall bearer for Bo and an all around wonderful guy. One of the finest blocking fullbacks that ever played at U of M that helped Ron Johnson and others achieve All American status. Truly a towering member of Phi Psi during his years at 1550 Washtenaw. Garvie is immortalized as well in a book (avail on Amazon): “Michigan: Catching Up with Gene Derricotte, Garvie Craw, Jake Sweeney and Other Wolverines of Old (Hardcover) ” by Jim Cnockaert (Author)

Wendell Mills ’68
Wendell at the Piano
Having performed solo piano in various nightclubs throughout the years, I began a songwriting career with the Manhattan lyricist Eric J. McCann In 2001 which resulted in the published musical stageplay “Periphescence (An Old-Fashioned Musical)”. During this endeavor, I began recording the extraordinary music of the legendary musical composers (Rodgers, Gershwin, Lerner and Loewe, etc) , and decided to record their music in my own piano style. The resulting CD’s received such a great response, that I had them professionally produced and made are available on as well as the web site You can hear piano music samples, order all of the CDs online, see a biography, photos, short accounts of all the great songwriting team collaborations and a variety of other items. For example, Richard Rodgers composed 3 times as many standards as ANY other composer of musicals, and is one of only two people in history to have won on Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy, and Pulitzer. Also, Lerner and Loewe wrote what is considered the greatest musical of all time. Best Regards to all and I hope you enjoy!!!

Arthur Di Blassio ’62
Hi All – – In case anyone is trying to locate Arthur “”Archie”” Smith III, ’63/’64, please know that we changed our name about 3 years ago to my 5th generation back grandfather’s name. He came from Genoa, Italy and our childeren wanted to sart their families with the “”real”” name. We’re also getting a lot less “”junk-mail”” – – got to be a bit much with the Smith handle. (:-) Will provide more news through Profile in near term. Sorry about missing Heritage Day – – had some personal things that got in the way at that time. Regards, A.

William “Bill” Fritts ’60
After 27 years with the University of California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, I retired in 1998 and moved with my wife Karen to to southern California to be close to two of our three children. We established our home, Toad Hall, in Temecula, CA, and have been really enjoying retirement. Karen teaches part time at a local community college to keep her mind sharp and I mentor Macintosh users online at the Apple Discussion forums on the use of Macs and their applications under the acronym of Old Toad and maintain our family web site, Toad Hall-Temecula, Golf is fast becoming an obsession with me as I try to get back into the swing of things after a long hiatus. We traveled earlier this year to Spain and Paris and hope to go back soon.

Alan Holderness ’56
Recently celebrated 55th wedding anniversary with my Janet-spent 3 weeks in Germany,France and England. Then late Sept returned to our home town of Hinsdale, Il for our 6oth high school reunion. Had dinner with my classmate Rob Effinger who was one to get me to join Phi Psi when we were roommates at UM. He and I graduated in 1956. His wife Kathy also UM 1957 was with us. Great to have best buddy as child also Fraternity brother. I still go to office to see patients 1 day/wk. Play golf,read and travel to see family plus teach adult Sunday Class at church so you can see my priorities have changed. I note that Dewey Tennent is still active-you are remembered as a friend and advisor in my Ann Arbor days-Thank you. Also to my big brother, Dave Carson-Thanks. Al Holderness

David Carson ’55
“Bow Tie Banker” a biography of David Carson ’52 written by Lennie Grimaldi is now available. Check out: book is also available at Amazon

Richard Sheridan ’59
I retired in 1997 as Ohio’s deputy state auditor after careers in college teaching and public budgeting. I continue to consult on public finance matters. Just went through a round of chemo for leukemia (successfully). I have a condo in Puerto Vallarta where I spend the winters and am building a house on the beach 45 miles north of there. Summers are at a cottage in central Ohio. Would love to hear from my fraternity brothers. Dick Sheridan

Ralph King ’58
After an eclectic career of teaching, consulting and research positions, my wife Anita and I have moved from Connecticut to Santa Rosa, Calif., the heart of the wine country. I am enjoying learning about wine while Anita is pursuing her artist career.

Harold “Bill” Minick ’56
Best wishes to my Phi Psi Brothers. Here is our 2004-5 Season’s greeting card. The photo was taken in front of a catus leaf tree in Ajijic, Mexico which is near Chapala and Guadalajara. My wife, Jacque (whom I met at UM in 1951 and married in 1953), and I live in Chapala from November through April and Hendersonville, NC the rest of the year. We invite our Phi Psi brothers to visit us whenever in either area. Hal (Bill) Minick, Initiation Class of 1950

Frederick Hertel ’56
Jan and I recently dined with Doug and Ann Povenz. We stay in contact with Dave Carson and Bill Roeder. We are living in Naples, FL, and I volunteer at the Cleveland Clinic Naples, and am on the Board of the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches where I am also on the finance, audit, and investment committees.

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