How Can We Improve?

Donors, Dollars, and the Hunt

Our giving year started September 1st of 2014, and now it is December. We are looking at a donor goal of 38 donors, and $3,800.00 dollars for the giving year. Currently, we’re sitting at 9 donors and $443.96 dollars.

When we ask “How can we improve?” we mean how can we improve our numbers?

We would like to take this time to acknowledge the donors that have given. Thanks for your participation and support! We can’t do this without you!

Cardinal Red Club
($50 and above)
David William Frayne 1989
Christopher Michael Quick 1999
Matthew Dean Raeburn 2000
William Charles Wiedman 2001
Monet Henri Duval 2002
Bradley Merrill Holman 2002

(Up to $50)
Abdiel Ernesto Fuentes-Garza 1999
Brian David May 1999

We believe you are all 10 out of 10 brilliant and bright men, the best of the best. We believe you have the power to close the gap between what you know you can achieve and what you dream you can achieve! So let’s get hyped up on our dream!

Our dream is $3,800 dollars! Let’s chase it down like we’re hunting! We need 38 donors; let’s make it happen, even if it’s just a donation the price of a large pepperoni pizza or a weeks’ worth of Starbucks coffee. Can you, in the largest giving time of the year, absolutely crush the giving and donor goal?

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