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Alumni Leadership Takes Action to Empower and Restore Michigan Alpha

In the last six months, the Michigan Alpha Housing Corporation (MAHC) has entered an exciting new phase of strategy and management. MAHC developed a three-pronged approach to build the mentality that the undergraduates need additional guidance and support in order to be leaders on campus and that all MAHC members should be empowered to take on responsibilities of their choosing, rather than just a small group of board members. With this in mind, we have developed three groups within MAHC: house management, chapter advisory, and alumni outreach, led by Brian May ’99, Nic Katona ’99, and me, respectively. Since the development of this new structure, we have been able to focus our efforts on providing additional leadership and risk management training for the undergraduates, preparing for house repairs in the summer of 2015, and revitalizing Founder’s Day and other alumni activities.

Deserving Members Awarded at Founders’ Day 2015
Following guidance provided by National Fraternity President Scott Noble, Texas ’81, the alumni outreach committee added elements to the Founder’s Day activities this year, including a March Madness viewing party at the chapter house on Friday night and incorporating awards into the ceremonies. The awards provided this year were in recognition of philanthropic efforts, entrepreneurship, and dedication to the ideals of Phi Kappa Psi.

Through an all-alumni nomination process, MAHC decided to award the following members:
•        Archie DiBlassio ’59 received the philanthropic award for his strategy work with MAHC and other community organizations.
•        Jon Oberheide ’02 received the entrepreneurship award for founding and leading the award-winning internet security firm, Duo Security in Ann Arbor.
•        Dave Frayne ’89 was named Mr. Phi Psi for practicing the ideals of the Phi Kappa Psi Creed, even through MAHC’s darkest moments.
•        Hayden Schenker ’11, a graduating senior, earned the undergraduate Mr. Phi Psi award for his four years of service and loyalty to his brotherhood. With that award, we were fortunate to provide him with a $1,000 gift to help his transition from college life to the real world.
•        Quinzel Perry ’12 was recognized for his service to the brotherhood, specifically his efforts related to the philanthropic campaigns of Michigan Alpha. His leadership helped the brothers launch their inaugural Freeze the Puck on Cancer hockey game versus FIJI at Yost Arena in January. Through his efforts, the brothers were able to present Mark Janssen ’11 a donation dedicated to his family’s foundation.

What You Can Expect for Future Alumni Activities
In an effort to further engage our alumni base, the alumni outreach committee created a series of events for the summer and fall of 2015, led by brothers of various generations. Our goal is to make Michigan Alpha alumni proud of the organization by engaging them in events around the country that focus more on connecting back with Michigan Alpha and the strong alumni network of Phi Psi brothers.

For brothers in Chicago, Detroit, and New York City, we will be hosting a series of summer events in late June and early July that celebrate Michigan Alpha. Expect to receive e-mail communications about summertime bar/restaurant events and barbecues in each city. The word on the street is that JS Roy ’97 will be firing up his grill in Chicago to treat Michigan Alphas to his secret barbecue recipe, something not to be missed! MAHC will also be promoting a fall golf outing and reunion in Ann Arbor—the Phi Psi Cup—an effort led by Jared Frost ’03 and others to create an exciting fall tradition for Michigan Alpha. Although the date of Saturday, October 3 is still tentative, you can expect a weekend of golf, football, and brotherhood.

Please watch your e-mail accounts for updates on these exciting events and write to if you have any further questions, comments, or concerns.

Live Ever,
Jack Gray ’07
Alumni Outreach Director


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