About the Housing Corporation

The Michigan Alpha Housing Corporation is a group of Phi Psi alumni who work to enhance the current stability and ensure long-term future of Phi Kappa Psi at the University of Michigan.

House Management
Manages physical structure of chapter house as well as overall financial affairs

Alumni Outreach
Cultivates and strengthens alumni relationships

Chapter Advisory
Ensures chapter officers have tools and resources to be successful


house corpHouse Corporation Members

  • Brian May: President & House Management Director
  • Brad Holman: House Management Advisor
  • Dave Frayne: Secretary
  • Kevin Mulvaney: Legal Advisor & Detroit Alumni Coordinator
  • Jack Gray: Alumni Outreach Director
  • JS Roy: Chicago Alumni Coordinator
  • Ryan Mortimer: Chicago Alumni Coordinator & Brotherhood Advisor
  • Jared Frost: Chapter Connections Coordinator
  • Nic Katona: Chapter Advisory Director
  • Archie DiBlassio: Chapter Advisory Consultant

If you are interested in joining the Michigan Alpha Housing Corporation, please email MichiganAlphaAlumni@gmail.com. We are always looking for additional support!

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